My Book Release

I’m so excited to release my first book, The Mom’s Guide to Ketosis, Keto Diet Food List & Ketogenic Diet!  I wanted to create a book for beginner’s and particularly women of how I started the keto process to lose 50 pounds. My intention in creating this book is to be a source of encouragement that it is possible to break the chains of ‘weight prison’ and being fat.  Would love to share my keto journey with you & give practical tips on how to make the keto lifestyle work with a child, husband and busy schedule! xxoo (more…)

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I caught a unicorn!

I caught a unicorn! For MONTHS now, I have been searching for athletic pants that fit my bottom since losing 50 pounds.  Quite frankly it has been exhausting to find something to workout in since I’m still plus sized on my weight loss journey with another 50 pounds to go.  I’m like Goldie Locks – too tight, too firm, too loose…the never ending quest to find something that fits my curvy body that would properly fit for a workout!  In addition, I’m not on the spandex bandwagon for my size.  Since this is the trend, this has really limited selection….my personal preference. To each their own.

I FINALLY, FINALLY lassoed the unicorn and roped in this morning! I found athletic pants for plus size today that look beautiful and don’t cost and arm and a leg.  (I think) they will fit every well. I ordered several pairs in each plus size just in case and in long and capri style. 

If you are trying to lasso your own unicorn friend, you are not alone! I wanted to share my Target finds. The unicorn athletic pants are 30% OFF until Jan 20th. Use SAVE30 at checkout.  This has taken me months to find and I wasn’t about to pay $50 for athletic pants I’m just going to shrink out of.

I got the capri style and the flare yoga pants style. Whatever doesn’t fit well will simply be returned back to the store. WIN, WIN!  I’ll show my sweaty selfies on Moms Keto Kitchen Community on Facebook when I use them at my next workout!

While it’s frustrating finding the right attire, I know this is part of my weight loss journey. It is very motivating dropping sizes from hard work (and some days not hard work).  I look forward to the day when it’s not a unicorn sighting to get new athletic pants…it’s coming! Keto on my friends!

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