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Your weekly keto & low carb diet meal plan to help you on the weight loss journey. From my family to yours. 🙂

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Low Carb Diet Meal Plan


Friends, we have a no shlepping clause here at Countess Of Low Carb. Do yourself a favor and save yourself two hours from grocery shopping.

Use my $10 OFF Discount code from Instacart & have someone else do your grocery shopping. I *rarely* go to the grocery store & use Instacart for pretty much every grocery order for the past 7 months.

Grocery Store Delivery Include:

Y’all, this week I need simple. I need easy. I need convenience, which is why I took one protein and morphed it into a bunch of different keto meals to save money, save time and continue down the 100 pound weight loss journey.

DO NOT GO TO DENTIST WITHOUT TEETH. Don’t take keto advice from someone who hasn’t lost weight doing keto. Get my How To Start The Keto Diet Easily ecourse to quickly help you learn how to do keto…even if you have a partner & kids who are NOT doing keto.

If you are needing more keto meal prep ideas, check out my Easy Keto Meals Under 45 Minute Ecourse.

For easy meal prep hacks, I simply make extra keto dinners to have as leftovers for my keto lunches. Cuts down by HALF of time and cuts down on cost as I’m able to buy my keto foods in bulk.

If you are new to keto and do not want a weight stall, figure out your personalized macros!

Every Keto Meal

I have 2 cups of spinach or 2 cups of romaine lettuce with 1 tablespoon of olive oil or avocado oil with a dash of apple cider vinegar. I like getting my carbs from leafy green vegetables for the potassium, vitamins and chewing factor. 😉

Printable Meal Plan


Lunch: Leftover keto cobb salad from last night’s dinner

Dinner: Keto Meatballs with Palmini NoodlesRecipe HERE

I wanted a little kick, so I added 1 tablespoon of Fresh Jax.

Maestro, how about something with a little octane?!

KETO SPICES – Get 15% OFF with FreshJax Organic Spice – Keto Chophouse is the BEST to season your meats with 0 carbs.


Lunch: Leftover Keto Meatballs with Palmini noodles

Dinner: Keto Crockpot Sausage & PeppersRecipe HERE

You could substitute lower carb veggie like zucchini instead of peppers.

Need a keto snack? My FAV keto snack to put into 1/4 cup containers.


Lunch: Leftover Keto Crockpot Sausage & Peppers

Dinner: Chicken, Beef or Sausage Bites – Recpe HERE

Pick whatever protein you want.


Lunch: Use last night’s Chicken, Beef or Sausage Bites for a leftover cobb salad. A mish-mash of what you have leftover in the fridge. 😉 No need to let food waste.

Dinner: Frozen Hamburgers from previous keto meal prep with cheese, bacon & Primal Mayo


Lunch: Leftover hamburges from last night’s keto dinner

Dinner: Keto Chinese Food – Recipe HERE


Lunch: Leftover Keto Chinese Food – Recipe HERE

Dinner: 5 Guys!


Lunch: Eat out of fridge and/or fast

Dinner: Steamed Shrimp with butter – Recipe HERE

30 Minute Encouragement Calls

All encouragement call attendees will have access to keto meal plans ecourse portal and How To Start Keto Diet Easily ecourse portal for downloadable materials for 90 days. I take client time seriously so I do have a 72 hour cancellation policy and no refund policy for encouragement calls.

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One, 30 minute encouragement call for $67 for weight loss accountability, celebration and solutions via conference call.

12 Week | 90 Day Weight Loss Package

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Three results happen with three months together, you feel better, are more in control of what you eat, and lose inches on a consistent basis when you follow our agreed on goals and suggestions given of how to obtain those goals.

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