Calculating Your Keto Macros To Lose Weight

Need a Keto Macro Calculator to figure out your fat grams and protein grams? Use the calculate keto macros to lose weight for your daily macros intake in addition to 20 net carbs or 20 carbs. Keto weight loss calculator to help you on your ketogenic diet weight loss journey.

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Keto Macro Calculator

Calculate your keto macros = (1) Fat grams per day. (2) Protein grams per day. (3) Use 20 net carbs (carbs – fiber) or 20 carbs per day.

Use THIS WEBSITE to calculate your macros.  Click HERE.

  1. I use US Customary.
  2. Type in gender, age, weight & height.
  3. For active lifestyle, put in sedentary unless you are a bodybuilder or elite athlete. This will skew your protein otherwise.
  4. Body Fat – put in 30% if you are average or 35% if you are obese or morbidly obese.
  5. Net Carbs – 20
  6. Use moderate reduction.


In my 50 lb keto weight loss, I use macros two ways:

  1. When I was new. I calculated my macros for the first week or so when I was getting used to how much fat I needed to consume and realistic portion sizes.
  2. When I stall in my weight loss. I go back to strictly counting if I’m on a stall to see if my portions and fat amounts are still accurate.


We all have different personality styles.  Some styles lend themselves to hardcore tracking & needing that. Some personality styles lend themselves to be easy-breezy. Know yourself well enough to set yourself up for success for what YOU would like best and what would be best for the long-term haul.  You figure out what is best with your personality style. Carb Buddy is awesome to track with. I use Fitness Pal and in my head do Net Carbs since the app doesn’t do net carbs (carb [-minus-] fiber).

Net Carbs:

I do count Net Carbs, which are carbs – fiber.


I count keto approved veggies in my macros.


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