Calculating Your Keto Macros To Lose Weight

Use THIS WEBSITE to calculate your macros.  Click HERE.

  1. I use US Customary.
  2. Type in gender, age, weight & height.
  3. For active lifestyle, put in sedentary unless you are a bodybuilder or elite athlete. This will skew your protein otherwise.
  4. Body Fat – put in 30% if you are average or 35% if you are obese or morbidly obese.
  5. Net Carbs – 20
  6. Use moderate reduction.


In my 50 lb keto weight loss, I use macros two ways:

  1. When I was new. I calculated my macros for the first week or so when I was getting used to how much fat I needed to consume and realistic portion sizes.
  2. When I stall in my weight loss. I go back to strictly counting if I’m on a stall to see if my portions and fat amounts are still accurate.


We all have different personality styles.  Some styles lend themselves to hardcore tracking & needing that. Some personality styles lend themselves to be easy-breezy. Know yourself well enough to set yourself up for success for what YOU would like best and what would be best for the long-term haul.  You figure out what is best with your personality style. Carb Buddy is awesome to track with. I use Fitness Pal and in my head do Net Carbs since the app doesn’t do net carbs (carb [-minus-] fiber).

Net Carbs:

I do count Net Carbs, which are carbs – fiber.


I count keto approved veggies in my macros.


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