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After losing 75 pounds, I have to share my favorite keto snack ideas. With a 4 year old, hot husband and enriched schedule, I like luxury keto food that is quick to consume and has clean keto ingredients.

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1. Keto Snack – Moon Cheese

Want to know my pre-keto snack before I lost 75 lbs? CHEEZ-IT’S! I’m like Pavlov’s dog and still drool hearing the word Cheez-its.

Moon Cheese is like Cheez-its with the crunch factor, but cheeseball-esk for snacking. I love that there is 2 grams of carb per Moon Cheese serving to keep me on track with my weight loss goals. There are also power-packing 10 grams of protein to keep someone full after eating Moon Cheese.

I also love that I can get Moon Cheese at the Starbucks Drive Thru, Target and Amazon to name a few. The easy resealable bag makes Moon Cheese on the top of my keto snacking list.

2. Strawberry Keto Bar

Keto Connect partnered with Keto Bars to create this berry-gemmed Strawberry Keto Bar. If you like strawberries (and I do!), you will LOVE this keto snack.

The Strawberry Keto Bar is so filling that I usually only eat half of it. (Who is this woman?! Yes, I really do eat only half!) I love feeling full after eating it and also the great taste of the fruity Strawberry Keto Bar. 18 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein for the full bar…I’m in!

3. EASY Homemade Salt & Vinegar Almonds

This is one of the easiest keto snack recipes you will ever make. My Homemade Salt & Vinegar Almond Recipe does not have crazy chemicals that premade vinegar almonds do. The secret ingredient is Utah based Redmonds Sea Salt. You are welcome salt cravings! 😉

Make a pound at a time and keep in an air tight container for weeks. The vinegar and salty taste will be sure to satisfy any cravings, but also keep you full with healthy protein and clean keto ingredients that you make with your two hands. Homemade Salt & Vinegar Almond Recipe is simple to have on hand with high reward of freshness.

4. Perfect Keto Cinnamon Roll Bar

Perfect Keto Cinnamon Roll Bar is another bar that I love to through into my Vuitton and go with. I usually don’t eat the entire thing, but sometimes quite frankly make this my keto lunch.

I like the cinnamon roll taste, but also like the ingredients are clean enough I can share with my 4 year old and not worry about him growing a third eye from ingredients with 72 letters. Speaking of my 4 year old…he’s power-peddling after having some of the Perfect Keto Cinnamon Roll Bar. Use COUNTESS15 for 15% off individual products.

For folks just starting keto, I talk in my How To Start The Keto Diet Easily ecourse of how I lost 75+ lbs from keto. Keto snacks and 2 weeks of keto meals are included if you need weight loss encouragement.

WARNING – this might be a kid favorite so keep away from your kids 😉 lol

5. Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bar

Happy birthday to me! The Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bar is another one that I usually only eat half. It makes me so full and I don’t feel guilty after eating it.

3 net carbs for the entire bar is a slam dunk of taste and also for my weight loss journey. I love the flavor of Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bar because it satisfies a sweet craving. Use COUNTESS15 for 15% off individual products.

See My Latest Keto Snack Video:

6. Egg with Jax Seasoning Brunch

Let’s talk puffery. A lot of spices contain creepy-carb ingredients. Fresh Jax Spices is one of the only companies that has excellent keto ingredients and does not cause carb-puff after eating it.

Hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs topped with Fresh Jax Brunch Seasoning is heavenly. We have this at least twice a week in our house. Eggs are relatively inexpensive and quick to make. Fresh Jax Brunch Seasoning tops, keeps carbs low while providing fullness I want while losing weight.

7. Travel Keto Nut Butter

The Travel Keto Nut Butter is as easy-eat-easy-clean-up keto snack. I give this keto snack a high mark for convenience of travel, high fats and clean ingredients. Use COUNTESS15 for 15% off individual products.

8. Sliced Avocado

Avocado is one of the best keto snacks due to the high fats. An entire avocado is only 2 net carbs. YES! Use my avocado rotation method to help you keep your avocados perfect when eating.

9. Keto Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

Need I say more? Chocolate. Covered. Macadamia. Nuts. 2 net carbs per serving. You are welcome!

Seriously tho, I love Chocholate Covered Macadamia Nuts. There are 3 servings per package, which is super generous for multiple days.

10. Keto Instant Coffee with Caramel Creamer

I’m a simple girl wanting simple coffee….well, Keto Instant Coffee With Caramel Creamer! Let’s talk about instant keto coffee first.

Instant Keto Coffee is super easy to whip up. It keeps prep time down and fullness factor up.

Omega PowerCreamer’s Keto Caramel Creamer is a home-run hit in my book! The caramel taste makes my drink like a Starbucks Caramel DIY drink minus all the sugar and carbs.

11. Macadamia Nuts

I like big nuts and I cannot lie. For only 2 net carbs for a 1/4 cup of Macadamia Nuts, are a luxury keto snack to enjoy!

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