Learn how to make keto ribs that are easy for keto dinner recipes!  These ketogenic ribs w/ bbq ribs dry rub is AMAZING & keto approved for weight loss. You can avoid sugary bbq sauces and use this great keto rib recipe for an easy keto meal.

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Keto Ribs Recipe:


-Heat Smoker to 300 degrees.

-Prep ribs by cutting excessive fat deposits off ribs, cut off thin edges so they don’t burn off & cut off membrane (thin white covering on back of rib) if applicable.

Keto ribs recipe

-Put Olive Oil  on one side & coat in Bad Byron’s Rub .

-Coat the other side of the rib w/ Olive Oil  & Bad Byron’s Rub.

-The BEST part of the ribs are in the middle.

-Put the ribs on the Smoker.

-Set the timer for 30 minutes.

-Make Spray Bottle mixture = 3/4 Apple Cider Vinegar + 1/4 Olive Oil .

-Every thirty minutes, spray the ribs with the Spray Bottle mixture for 1.5 hours or three different times total.

-After 1.5 hour, take the ribs off of the Smoker.

-Pull out Heavy Duty Foil and put down pads of butter.

-Wrap each rack of ribs in its own foil packet with butter on top and bottom.

-Put extra Bad Byron’s Rub as needed.

-Wrap the ribs & ensure to get the air out.

-Put back onto the smoker for another 30 minutes wrapped in Heavy Duty Foil.

-Take out of the foil & put on the grill for 5-20 minutes depending.

-Cut the ribs in between the bones and ENJOY!



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