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Foods to eat when sick? When you are sick, you want nourishing food. Here’s the list for low carb products that will make you feel better!

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Foods To Eat When Sick That Are Low Carb

Fond Bone Broth

I love the feeling of soup belly, but bone broth has even more benefits than that! Bone broth helps help the gut and also provides excellent nutrients for healing the body.

If you want an easy, low carb soup and keto soup option, Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth Soup is the way to go. These two serving packets are easy to heat up on a stove top and taste luxurious.

…I love the Broccoli & Cheese, but there are so many flavors to pick from! The Mushroom Bisque is my 4 year old’s favorite.

Get Advil and have it in your sick stockpile arsenal.

I like to monitor my electrolytes when sick. Gatorade G2 Low Sugar helps ensure my electrolytes are higher and that I’m flushing fluids when I’m sick.

I normally steer clear of sugar free beverages daily, but when I’m sick I do try to mind my electrolytes.

Nyquil & Dayquil Flu (does have carbs, but I want to feel better when I’m sick!)

Power Up Trail Mix

These are awesome to have in little 1/4 cup snack baggies by the bed.

Sola Bread For Low Carb Toast

I LOVE making low carb toast when I’m sick with butter. I do ensure I have a half of a slice or a full slice, but usually no more than that to stay low carb.

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Sola Granola

Case of Perrier to have

Is it wrong these get delivered and I have my hot husband shlep them near where I sleep when I’m sick? I keep these close by when I don’t feel well to ensure I stay hydrated.

Raw, Whole Natural Almonds

BIG Waters – 1 Liter Essentia

Extra Tissues

Keto Bars

My favorite bar is the chocolate strawberry! I love the seeds that are included – YUM!

Evian 1 Liter Water

I like having the liter size by my bed.

When I’m not feeling well, I have to have the essentials. Our bodies are made to heal so lots of rest.

Keto Meat Delivery:

Here’s my list of Keto Meat Delivery services.

30 Minute Encouragement Calls

All encouragement call attendees will have access to keto meal plans ecourse portal and How To Start Keto Diet Easily ecourse portal for downloadable materials for 90 days. I take client time seriously so I do have a 72 hour cancellation policy and no refund policy for encouragement calls.

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One, 30 minute encouragement call for $67 for weight loss accountability, celebration and solutions via conference call.

12 Week | 90 Day Weight Loss Package

The 90 day sprint gives enough time to see repeated patterns and challenges that pop up… and then solve those patterns and challenges! Shorter than 90 days, clients won’t see the fruits of their labor and sustainable, long last results.

Three results happen with three months together, you feel better, are more in control of what you eat, and lose inches on a consistent basis when you follow our agreed on goals and suggestions given of how to obtain those goals.

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I see the best results when clients commit to at least three months of encouragement together. 

12 weeks of working together hand-in-hand for weight loss encouragement is only $897.

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