DNA medical tests can tell interesting things about genetics, but I wanted to know my specific genetic markers related to my weight loss journey.

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DNA Medical Tests Related To Weight Loss?!

The three DNA Tests I ended up taking were:

When I saw that there were DNA medical tests that could help me on my weight loss journey, I was cautiously optimistic. I was a bit nervous about how data was collected. More importantly, I wanted to know genetic markers linking nutrition, hunger and weight loss.

I was also super curious if I had any food sensitivities that could be stalling my weight loss journey and any vitamin deficiencies. With more information, I can make even better decisions on my weight loss journey.

DNA Medical Tests – #1 Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test

The first DNA test I took was Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test. Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test determines food sensitivities, food breakdown, vitamins and hunger & weight. I’m most curious about how my body breaks down specific foods. Perhaps this is the correlation to my weight stall?

Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test takes 2-4 weeks to get results. You simply cheek swab 20 times on each side, mail off your prestamped package and register to get results online.

You can get at Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test Amazon or get Orig2n Nutrition DNA Test at Target.

DNA Medical Tests – #2 Yorktest Laboratories Food Intolerance

Yorktest Laboratories Food Intolerance test is a blood test, not a cheek swab. The packaging didn’t say how long the results would take to get.

Yorktest Laboratories Food Intolerance test would tell you both food and drink allergies for 75 different products! WOW! I feel like that information for beverages is going to be helpful. *FINGERS CROSSED* coffee is not on this list – LOL!

For example, if I have a sensitivity to almonds, this information will be so helpful moving forward. I can actively avoid or include food items that my DNA says is complimentary to my body. I’m most excited to see my food sensitivities if there are any.

Watch DNA Testing Video:

DNA Medical Tests – #3 Orig3n Hunger & Weight

You can get Orig3n Hunger & Weight On Amazon Or Orig3n Hunger & Weight At Target. Orig3n Hunger & Weight tells genetic markers for hunger and weight.

While I know I have a family history of obesity, I am curious about the genetic markers and how this information is presented. Will it provide me further clues on my weight loss journey?

I talked in my I Took A DNA Test Video about what each test is about. Should I do a part 2 with the DNA Test Results?

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