Need a weekly keto diet menu each day? I can happily give you my personal, family used weekly keto lunch ideas & keto dinner ideas….wait for it…. FOR FREE! My gift to the Countess Of Low Carb community.

Keto Diet Menu
Keto Diet Menu – Weekly Keto Meal Plan

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Fav Keto Snack:

New Fav Snack I’m LOVING: Protein Cheese Balls: HERE

Disclaimer – snacks spike insulin, eliminate them if you can. I like to have once and while treats to feel ‘normal’, but not every day.

Weekly Keto Menu


Sausage Bites  

Recipe: HERE
My new FAV SNACK & treat with dinner: Protein Cheese Balls


Keto Ribs

Recipe: HERE


Keto Chicken Kabobs  

Recipe: HERE


Simple life – eggs & bacon


Carne Asada  
Info on Trader Joe’s Video HERE


Keto Bagel w/ Strawberry Jam  

My Strawberry Low Carb Jam Recipe: HERE
My Keto Bagel Recipe: HERE


Avocado Eggs

Recipe: HERE


Keto Lunch Meal Hacks:

Make double my keto dinner recipes below and use extra for keto lunch leftovers. Save your time, save your money and shrink your waist line!

Ketone Tracking:

Many of ya’ll ask me about tracking. I LOVE using my Keto Mojo. This helps me see my glucose and also ketone readings. Friendly reminder pee sticks don’t work after the first day or two ;-).

You will just have expensive pee. Blood and breath tests work to see ketone readings.

Want more information?
Please watch this week’s video:

Want to see my Aldi Keto Shopping Haul?

Need some Pinterest ideas? Go to my Pinterest page!

Finally, there are so many ways to do keto. Please take what you want and leave the rest. I love the ketogenic diet because it is a sustainable lifestyle. I’m grateful to be on this journey w/ you! xxoo, Countess Of Low Carb

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