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Learn the BEST Amazon Keto Diet list to help with the ketogenic diet weight loss. This keto shopping list is my time hack! Hello – no shlepping! (Sorry to our fav USPS guy.) These Amazon products have helped me with my keto meal prep during my weight loss journey and helped me save productivity time from shlepping to the grocery store.

(Friends: The links in this post are affiliate links. Countess of Low Carb & her furbabies will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through the links. Read our disclosure policy here.) 

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Amazon Keto Diet

Fav Amazon Keto Meals:

★Keto Pasta Noodles: Palmini

Fond Bone Broth

Kettle Fire Soup

Cauli’Flour Frozen Keto Pizza

Atlas Protein Bars

Use code: COUNTESS for only $5

★My fried pork recipe with Pork Panko crumbs

★My Keto bagel recipe with almond flour

★Trader Joes Almond Butter

★Coconut Mana

★Maldon’s salt

★Swerve sugar for Keto Cole Slaw

★Everything bagel seasoning 

★Coconut Milk

Fav Amazon Keto Snacks:

★Flying G Jerky

★Pumpkin seeds

★1/4 cup = Macadamia Nuts = 2 net carbs

★1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes trader Joe’s

Fav Keto Drink:

★Starbucks iced passion tea Pink Drink

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Supplement I Use:

★J crow lugols 5% iodine (no longer sold on Amazon but sold HERE)

★J crow lugols 2% iodine

★Thyroid functions interview HERE

I love doing weekly keto meal prep. It has saved so much time in my busy schedule (hello sweet 3 year old!) and helped me in my weight loss process. It’s made keto eating fairly effortless knowing I have a simple, easy keto plan. I would love to email you my weekly ketogenic diet meal plan for free HERE.

Fav Amazon Books:

★Keto comfort foods by Maria Emmerich

Keto Air Fryer by Maria Emmerich

★Keto 100 day Challenge poster 

Keto Meal Prep:

★Instant Pot accessories

★Simfonio instant pot

★Cosori air fryer

★Dachshund molds

Watch Amazon Keto Shopping List:

Want my FREE  Costco keto shopping list? Get your FREE Costco Keto Printable HERE. Do not miss my FREE Aldi keto shopping list!  Get your FREE Aldi Keto Printable HERE.

30 Minute Encouragement Calls

All encouragement call attendees will have access to keto meal plans ecourse portal and How To Start Keto Diet Easily ecourse portal for downloadable materials for 90 days. I take client time seriously so I do have a 72 hour cancellation policy and no refund policy for encouragement calls.

Email countessoflowcarb@gmail.com for availabilities and application questions. application questions.

One, 30 minute encouragement call for $67 for weight loss accountability, celebration and solutions via conference call.

12 Week | 90 Day Weight Loss Package

The 90 day sprint gives enough time to see repeated patterns and challenges that pop up… and then solve those patterns and challenges! Shorter than 90 days, clients won’t see the fruits of their labor and sustainable, long last results.

Three results happen with three months together, you feel better, are more in control of what you eat, and lose inches on a consistent basis when you follow our agreed on goals and suggestions given of how to obtain those goals.

Have Questions? Please email countessoflowcarb@gmail.com for availabilities and application questions.

I see the best results when clients commit to at least three months of encouragement together. 

12 weeks of working together hand-in-hand for weight loss encouragement is only $897.

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