Beginner Intermittent Fasting Free Printable

The stair step method for intermittent fasting has greatly helped me increase my fasting times from a 16/8 to my highest of 50 hour intermittent fasting time. I started by increasing my time by 2 hour goals. Keep your intermittent fasting goals visual and in front of you. I have my printables in my office, bathroom, car and by my bed. It helps me to stay focused. I do use Maldon’s sea salt falkes in tins to help ride out cravings & help with electrolytes.

24 Hour Fasting Printable:

Click to PRINT the 24 hour fasting stair step PRINTABLE.

One of my tricks for a 48 hour fast is using the Maldon’s sea salt flakes in the tins. I just put a pinch under my tongue to help extend my fasting times when I get hungry. It also helps with electrolytes for headaches.

48 Hour Fasting Printable:

Click to PRINT 48 Hour Fasting Stair Step PRINTABLE.

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4 comments on “Beginner Intermittent Fasting Stair Step”

  1. Great idea! I would be able to do the lower times :)! The couple of days fast wouldn’t be able to do! Great idea! I sometimes wonder if I am doing right! Then to break the fast I think I even mess that up! Maybe even what to eat after to! I need someone to come and cook for me hahah! My worst is chocolate after a fast! Or want carbs like crazy! Thanks for the help!

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