Clutch your pearls….a Vegan keto grocery haul from Food Lion! An easy shopping list for Vegan Keto eating. Combining keto with the vegan diet can be done…it simply takes pairing the right plant based foods.

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Combining Keto With Plant Based

Keto is high fat, moderate protein and low carb. Combining keto with the vegan diet can be done…it simply takes pairing the right plant based foods.

To ensure you are following keto, you will need to make sure your food choices include:

  • High Fats that are plant based
  • Moderate Proteins that are plant based
  • Low Carbs that are plant based

Plant based choices have never been so large. Food Lion makes it very easy to order with easy pick up or food delivery. Go HERE to schedule your next plant based food pick up or food delivery.

Watch Plant Based Keto Haul:

Vegan Keto Foods:

Food Lion’s food pickup made it so simple to get tons of plant based, low carb food items for my grocery haul.

Guacamole – When you see a sale, stock up as guacamole can be frozen. A great stockup price is $2 or less. Avocados and guacamole are a great high fat keto food that is plant based.

Organic Cauliflower – Food Lion makes it so easy to get organic, fresh produce. And at 2 net carbs per cub, you can enjoy a lot for low carb.

Organic Celery – really easy to add nut butter on top for an easy low carb snack.

Artichokes – YUM! Steam these up and bon appetit! Drizzle on top with a little pink salt on the leaves when you pull the artichoke ‘meat’ out.

Olives – Great source of high fats.

Organic Green Beans – so easy to drizzle olive oil on top for extra fats and flavor.

Organic Squash & Zucchini – this is a great base for a plant based keto spaghetti.

Organic Cole Slaw Mix – This is a great plant based, low carb side to add to keto meals that lasts for several days.

Ordering Plant Based Foods:

It has never been easier to order plant based foods than from Food Lion’s pickup and delivery program. Simply schedule day and time for your schedule and easily shop on the app. There is so many fresh, organic choices to live vegan lifestyle and keto lifestyle!

To learn about an easy low carb meal plan for a busy woman, go HERE.

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