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Have Keto Will Travel…..


I recently returned from a wonderful vacation. Before leaving, my head was full of all the delicious keto friendly meals that surely awaited me in this restaurant filled city. Since starting keto, I have learned to check restaurant menus ahead of time to make sure they have something keto friendly before we decide to go. 

As I checked menu after menu it become quite apparent that my vision of keto meal abundance was shattered. You don’t realize how carb and sugar filled in one form or another most restaurants are until you are faced with finding a keto friendly meal without hidden carbs, bad oils, wheat, etc. I started to think to myself, well I guess I will just have to cheat. I had to right, I mean I had no choice. I had to eat, didn’t I?

As I sit there feeling discouraged and thinking of falling out of ketosis and perhaps gaining weight, it occurred to me to turn this negative into a positive. This would be the perfect time to practice my intermittent fasting!

I was going to turn a hindrance into an adventure and learn something in the process. I decided OMAD (one meal a day) coupled with intermittent fasting was the way to go. I had recently done a successful 24 hour fast at home, along with OMAD on and off. Now was the time to put the theory into practice.

Day one:

I discovered my hotel had a breakfast buffet every morning from six to eleven. As I surveyed the area, there was a sea of danish, fruit pastry, fresh baked muffins, bagels, croissants, cinnamon rolls, donuts, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, and then I saw it……my salvation………bacon. I was saved! There was bacon, sausage, eggs, butter and fresh coffee. I ate with abandon and without guilt. I was satiated and happy.

Day two:

I decided to hit the local grocery store to get myself some snacks. I called down to the front desk and asked them to please empty the minibar. Most hotels will do this if you just ask. I picked up a couple of avocados, some pork rinds, butter, kalamata olives, cheese, fresh spinach and hard salami.

Day three: We went to a wonderful seafood restaurant that served fresh cooked seafood right off the boat. They assured me that everything I ordered was steamed and extra butter would not be a problem. I was in heaven. I had steamed clams, oysters on the half shell and the most delicious prawns I ever sank my teeth into. It was nice to have a wonderful meal out on the town with my spouse and not order a la

Day four: Back to the hotel breakfast buffet. I have to say, I never get tired of bacon. Especially all you can eat bacon. And strangely enough when I asked for heavy cream for my coffee, my waitress said no problem, she was going sugar free herself. Which sparked a conversation between us about the keto way of eating. She seemed interested as I told her about all the benefits I had seen personally. I gave her
a few names to look up on YouTube and wished her luck.

Day Five: Dinner with friends. Once again not a super friendly keto menu but I spied the prime rib and knew I had found a winner. I ordered it without potatoes, just the steak, broccoli and plenty of butter on the side.

Day Six: Time to back home. Check out was earlier then our flight. So, we decided to head to the airport early, have a bite to eat and read one of the great books we picked up in a local used book store (I have a thing for vintage science fiction books and pick them up whenever I travel). Here’s where the keto eating got difficult. I don’t know if you have eaten in an airport lately, but it is filled with every kind of prepackaged, microwaved, bad for you food option on the planet. After searching through several of the concourses and finding nothing, I decided the only way I was going to get anything to eat was if I did a plate deconstruction. I opted for the French philly dip. No bread, no mayo, no dip, no fries, no coleslaw.

Just meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and two sides of butter.

The waiter looked at me like I had lost my mind and I looked back at him with absolute confidence in my choice. It wasn’t the best meal I ever had but it was better then nothing. An expensive nothing, but better none the less.

We arrived home hours later and I felt a huge amount of pride. For not only did I have a wonderful vacation and see some amazing sites, but I maintained my keto way of eating without cheating and lost a pound to boot. Was it easy? No. There was temptation everywhere. Was it worth it? Indeed, it was.

Not only did I prove to myself that I could do it, but I learned that I could be smart about my choices and still enjoy myself.

Footnote…..when I got home I decided to look up if I could have brought my own food with me on the plane. Happily, I found out not only can you bring bacon, but you can bring a whole cooler full of food in checked luggage.


Here is the link to packing your cooler.

Here is the link to all the foods you can bring on the plane as of 2018.

Happy traveling everyone !


Dawn was raised on the East Coast and now lives in the Southwest with her wife and two cats. She is passionate about the Keto Lifestyle and helping you to achieve Awesomeness. She is a writer and the author of the blog Live Breath Eat Keto.

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