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Keto Eating Out Suggestions

Reminder: Creepy Carbs can easily sneak in when eating out with extra spices, canola oils, sugar sauces and other hidden items. Be mindful to ask and research prior to eating out!

New To Keto? How To Easily Start The Keto Diet.

Eating Out Guide

(Back story – The Count heard me talking about my eating out section in the book and laughed! He knows how much I LOVE to eat out and thought this would be the best section. ENJOY!)

I love to eat out. I have, gratefully, learned to cook through the keto process.  Even though I’ve learned to cook, I still enjoy going out for a meal!

Let’s start with the most important section…COFFEE!


-As of March 2018. Starbucks only has sugar free vanilla and sugar free cinnamon sweeteners.

Be mindful of sugar free products and limit them. Tell the barista in your order how many pumps you want. Some people will debate me on my use of sugar free products from Starbucks, but Starbucks is my vice in life…maybe this will change. (EDIT – it has! I limit my sugar free products to once a week now and have seen a significant drop in my weight. I did need to have SF products as a crutch for a while.)

-Heavy whipping cream – Starbucks makes their own whipping cream, so they do have heavy whipping cream on hand. Make sure to ask for just a splash as to not get too much sugar from the cream.


Starbucks Orders:

– Order: Trenta Iced Coffee with 1 pump of Sugar Free Vanilla with a splash of heavy whipping cream.

*I love a Trenta (that’s big gulp size friends but I have a 2 year old) iced coffee!

-Order: Trenta Passion Fruit Iced Tea with 1 pump of Sugar Free Vanilla with a splash of whipping cream. It is so pretty!

-Order: Trenta Iced Coffee with 1 pump of Sugar Free Cinnamon with a splash of heavy whipping cream.

-Order: Venti Hot Coffee with a splash of heavy whipping cream.


 Restaurant Keto Orders:


-Order: Pick 2 Bourbon Chicken & Shrimp with extra garlic butter and broccoli. I sometimes add a side salad with ranch or blue cheese dressing.


-Order: Small portion of wings with no sauce (naked) and extra crispy. I ask for extra celery sticks, extra blue cheese and ranch dressing.


-Order: Bowl of meat (I usually get steak) with extra veggies, guacamole, light on cheese and light on sour cream. So filling!


-Order:  3 slices of supreme pizza and I only eat the toppings off the pizza. I limit this to when I’m desperate, but we do go to Costco.


Cracker Barrel
-Order: Breakfast time I get the extra meat choice and I ask for all crispy bacon with eggs with cheese and request side of broccoli with butter. No biscuits.


Dunkin Donuts:

-Order: Cup of hot coffee and I will bring my travel coconut oil. If I need an extra treat, I will add a splash of cream and sugar free blueberry. Dunkin does NOT have heavy whipping cream like Starbucks and only has cream.  They do have a lot sugar free flavors. Make sure to ask for NO sugar as they sometimes automatically add sugar to coffee. I also will state how many pumps I want.  You can also make this an iced coffee, too. ***I have now eliminated sugar free products from my meal plan except for once a week. I usually get my coffee black and add my own fats.


Five Guys:

-Order: Bunless bacon, cheese burger with either no bun or in a lettuce wrap. I add cheese, extra mayo, pickles, sautéed peppers. No ketchup as that has sugar.


Mexican (my FAV!):

-Fajitas with no rice or beans. Just get meat, sautéed veggies, cheese, extra guacamole and sour cream.



-Order: Steak!  Get with salad with no croutons and blue cheese or ranch dressing. Order your steak and ask for a side of butter to put on top of your steak. I get broccoli as a side and put butter on top of it.  I also cut my steak in half because it is too much meat for me to eat and take it home for lunch the next day.


Peruvian Food:

-Order: Rotisserie chicken with melted butter and a side salad with ranch or blue cheese.



-Order: Just eat the toppings off the pizza. I limit this to when I’m desperate, but have done this on several Friday nights when my family orders a pizza in. I try to pair it with a salad with ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing.



-Order: Scallops, shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters and/or fresh fish either steamed or grilled with a side of melted butter. I usually add a side of steamed broccoli or asparagus with butter.



-Order: Sashimi (sushi with no rice). I also tend to focus on tea while eating sushi, too.

Royal weight loss for the woman willing to work for it from a woman who has.

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