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Weight Loss Plateau


Staying the course on an extended weight loss stall.

I’m an over weight woman in her sixties.

I’ve been over weight for a good deal of my adult life.

I’m an emotional eater.

I’m addicted to carbs and sugar.

I’m also a woman that said, “No more” and dug deep inside of herself, taking charge of her life.

I’m a strong woman and I’ve lost 78 pounds.  It has taken me the better part of three years to loose this 78 pounds.

My weight loss was steady as I began my Keto journey, I dropped 70 pounds in about 15 months.  Then nothing, no weight loss for months and more months.  I don’t cheat, I track my macros. 

At this point, I was experiencing many health benefits aside from weight loss  attributable to eating a healthier Ketogenic diet.  I knew I was on my Keto journey for the long haul, not the short run.  The changes to my overall health and quality of life that came from dropping the initial 70 pounds were enough to encourage me to stay the course.  After all, eating Keto is a lifestyle not a diet.  I figured my body was happy were it was on my journey and that I was maintaining.  Well, I maintained for 16 months, never wavering above or below  two pounds from that initial 70 pounds.  I was determined never to return to the over weight, unhealthy, unhappy, lack of confidence woman I was at the beginning of my Keto journey.  If I didn’t drop another pound I was good with that.

Three things changed for me:

1. I stumbled upon an article that said, for every 10 pounds you loose, you need to recalculate your macros.  I was still eating the macro calculation as when I had first started my journey.

2. I came across a doctor on a YouTube channel that not only preached the Keto lifestyle but also lived the Keto lifestyle.  I began listening to Dr. Ken D. Berry on YouTube and following him on Facebook.  Dr. Berry kept talking about intermittent fasting.  This led me to Dr. Jason Fung and his books on fasting.

3. Dr. Berry kept referring to this woman that referred to herself as The Countess of Low Carb.

-I did my research, I read Dr, Fung’s books, I read Dr. Berry’s book.

-I watched The Science of Fasting.

-I recalculated my macros.

-I started following The Countess and her weight loss journey, taking her tips, motivation and just general positive attitude and implementing them into my own journey.

I’ve been doing a six day week, 18 to 22 hour Intermittent water fast for about eight weeks.  That along with the recalculation of my macros broke my 16 month stall and I have dropped another eight pounds.  I’m nearer my goal weight with only 10 or 15 more pounds to go.  My body is once again adjusting itself to this recent weight loss.  The scale hasn’t moved for the past week and a half, it may not move again for many months.  That’s okay, Keto is a lifestyle, a journey, a process.  I TRUST the process, I’m living proof it works.  I’m no longer in the morbidly or over weight range on the BMI scale.  I’m smack dab in the middle of the normal BMI range for my age and height. I’m healthy, happy and proud of my accomplishment.  I’m staying the course, I’m on this Keto journey for the long haul.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my Keto journey, I have a private page on Facebook, KETO Butter Buddies where we discuss all things Keto, you can send a request to join.

Resources I recommend:

Documentaries – The Science of Fasting (Amazon). The Magic Pill (Amazon and Netflix).

Books – Lies My Doctor Told Me by Dr. Ken D. Berry (Amazon Kindle and paperback).

Books – The Complete Guide to FastingThe Diabetes Code Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally, both by Dr. Jason Fung (Amazon)

Books – The Mom’s Guide to Ketosis by The Countess of Low Carb (Amazon Kindle and paperback)

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