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Free Printable Keto Meal Plan

February 1st Week

Keto Veggies This Week:
2 cups of spinach = 2.2 carbs or 1 net carb
+ 2 tablespoons of Primal Ranch = 2 carbs
1 cup zucchini = 3.5 carbs or 2.5 net carbs
1 cup celery = 3 carbs or 1.5 net carbs
+ 1 tablespoon of almond butter = 3.5 carbs or 1.5 net carbs

Keto Snacks:

Keto Bars: Half the bar is 3-4 carb (I love these for something sweet once or twice per week)
¼ cup walnuts = 3 carbs or 1.5 net carbs
¼ cup pecans = 3.5 carbs or 1 net carb
¼ cup macadamia nuts= 4.75 carbs or 1.75 net carbs
Note: I have to have these proportioned in ¼ baggies/cups or I will overeat them. I also limit to just 2-4 times per week.

This Week’s Focus:
This week’s mission and meal plan is centered around simplicity. Sometimes, we have to scale back and keep is small.
This week’s plan is focused on K-I-S-S (keep is simple sister or brotha). What is working well for you? What do you need
to adjust? I would LOVE to hear! xxoo

Weekly Free Printable Keto Meal Plan:


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  1. I have been tracking my macros and realized I wasnt eating enough fat. I made a fat bomb omelet with butter, sour cream, cream cheese and cheddar plus 3 pieces of bacon and bam! High ketosis for the first time.it helps to log gir me. 15 lbs done in 6 weeks!

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