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My 36 hour fast was incredible coming from a binge eating disorder background. Intermittent fasting for weight loss makes me feel empowered. I felt healthy and most of all I want to share some important tips with you so you can do it too!

What I Learned On My 36 Hour Fast

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Coming from binge eating every night to fasting for 36 hours is mind blowing to me. I am so proud of my body for accomplishing this VICTORY!

Some Resources I Highly Recommend To Prep For A 36 Hour Fast:

Here are a few tips I learned on my 36 hour fast:

  • Learn more about autophagy.  Dr Fung’s book are a great resource and Youtube.  If you don’t know about autophagy’s benefit to help your body fight precancerous cells, Alzheimer’s, loose skin, anti aging and many other benefits.
  • Start the 36 hour fast being fat adapted. Prep with other fasts like several 24 hour fasts, 20 hour fasts and 18 hour fasts. It is not recommended to dive into a 36 hour fast unless you have “trained”.
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Mental Part Of 36 Hour Fast

  • Grabbing for food was a mental game and a habit. It was interesting to me how much I literally reached my hand out for food during the process.
  • I had 1 tablespoon of fats in my coffee, decaf or tea during fast when I felt hungry or my tummy literally growling. Per Dr. Fung, up to 5 cups in a 24 hour period will not break the fast. If you add cream or use bone broth this will limit autophagy due to protein, but will not break your fast. Autophagy was my total goal, so I did not use cream or bone broth. You will break your fast with sweetener. You will not break your fast with coffee, decaf, tea, bone broth, heavy cream, MCT oil, coconut oil, ghee or butter per Dr Fung’s The Complete Guide to Fasting on page 254.

Tools To Use During 36 Hour Fast

  • I put a small pinch of pink Himalayan salt under my tongue when I got hungry.  The salt with my tastebuds fought hungry cravings. 

  • My breath got STINKY! Wow. Mouthwash was my friend.
  • Dr Fung said in a video (I need to link the video source once I remember it!) that someone who needs to lose 100 pounds can go 200 days of fasting. WOW. That shifted my paradigm that I could go longer than 24 hours and I will not starve.
  • I had set in my mind the goal. Having a clear intention of what I wanted and the victory line made this easier. I also did a countdown. For example, at the 24 hour mark, I did a little dance and said 12 more hours! It made it more fun.
  • This process made my body feel so much better. At the end of the 36 hours, my felt tingly in my thighs. My thighs are where I carry the most weight, so I thought this was very interesting. Autophagy at it’s best!
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  • THE BIGGEST LESSON – THIS WAS ALL MENTAL!  My body was not going to starve and could handle it. Getting past the ‘mental game’ was the biggest hump. If I can do it, you can do it.  From uncontrollable binge eating to fasting, it is possible for everyone! 

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