Sports Bra Sale! Need a lift?

I recently got new sports bras & it was LIFE.CHANGING! When was the last time you updated your sports bras for workouts? Really, it made such a difference in my workouts for me without going into detail. Target is having a great 20% of Sports Bra Sale so you can stock up! Remember, after $35, shipping is free and sale ends Sat, Jan 13th! (I add on laundry detergent that is on sale.)

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Keto Coupons For The Week 1/10/18

This keto mama LOVES a good deal….especially on keto food, weight loss rewards (hello makeup!) and hygiene products! Each week I print my coupons to have in my pocketbook/diaper bag. This week’s hand selected coupons include keto foods, yogurt for my son, hygiene products & rewards for when I lose my goal weight each week (makeup!). I love shopping at Aldi, but also use my coupons for other grocery stores.  Make sure you check out the arrow –> for multiple pages on the top right.

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Water Sale – RUN!

CVS is having an awesome sale on water! The deal ends on Sat, Jan 6th so RUNNNNNNN! 

We stockpile our water for emergency preparedness & having bottles on hand makes it easily through in the car on commutes. I know, I know, having a water glass is better, but this mama to a 2 year old can’t keep up with dishes sometimes, ok?

Deal Break Down:

Buy $15 of CVS products, get $5 Extrabucks Rewards, essentially making the purchase $10 for $15 worth of products.

✔️Buy 6 cases of water for $2.49 x 6 = $14.94. You are just shy of spending $15, so buy 1 sparkling CVS water for $0.99.

✔️Purchase is $15.93. If you subtract the $5 Extrabucks Rewards you get after your purchase, it’s basically $10.93 for 6 cases of water or $1.83 per case.

That’s $0.08 per bottled water!  RUNNNNNN sisters before deal passes!


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