Sample keto menu for the entire week! See what to eat on the ketogenic diet to lose weight and feel great eating high fat, moderate protein and low carb. Use this printable keto menu to help you on your keto journey.

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Sample Keto Menu For The Week

Get Printable Sample Keto Menu HERE


L: Buffalo Chicken Salad – Recipe HERE

D: Ribeye Steak w/ Cauli Casserole – Recipe HERE


L: Keto Lasanga using Palmini Noodles (HERE)

D: Leftover Buffalo Chicken Salad


L: Hamburger with Primal Mayo & Avocado

D: Air Fryer Chicken Wings – Recipe HERE


L: Leftover chicken wings – ohlala

D: Keto Crock-Pot Pot Roast w/ Faux Potatoes – Recipe HERE


L: Keto Pizza – Recipe HERE

D: Breakfast for Dinner – simple mama 😉

Printable Sample Keto Menu


L: Leftover Keto Pizza

D: NY Strip Steak w/ Caesar Salad


L: Brisket Burger – Recipe HERE

D: Leftover NY Strip & Salad

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