Too stressed that you can’t unwind & sleep? 5 Tips for better sleep including the BEST sleep meditation to help you fall asleep.

Faster Way To Fat Loss By Sleeping

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1. No Screens 2 Hours Before Bed

Don’t use screens before bed. Meaning no phones, tablets or laptops unless you have your blue light blocker glasses on.

The beauty is now most glasses manufacturers give the option to get blue light blockers installed in your eyewear glasses. Get that option!

Blue light will keep you awake and should be avoided 2 hours prior to sleep. Blue light blocking glasses help wind-down your brain from the blue light given from screens. Learn more on the six steps to sleep with the natural insomnia cure.

Learn more on the six steps to sleep with the natural insomnia cure.

2. Sleep Meditation

Use a guided sleep meditation to help you unwind before bed. The best meditations have a soothing voice you like and help you stay focused on relaxing.

Do a meditation right before you get under your covers for bed or while you are in bed to naturally fall asleep. A deep sleep meditation should last 8-20 minutes.

My favorite sleep meditation is Just Breathe Serenity & Countess Of Low Carb’s meditation series.

3. No Caffeine After 3pm

If you are sensitive to caffeine, do not drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages after 3pm. For some people, caffeine should be stopped at noon as it will keep you up if you are going to bed at 8pm.

Use trial and error to see what time works best for you. Switch to decaf in the afternoon or try water instead.

4. Move Your Body

Move your body for 30 minutes in the morning, afternoon or early evening to help with better sleep. Your body will naturally help you fall sleep when it’s worked hard!

The caveat is not working out too late or it will have the reverse effect of keeping you awake. Get a nice hot shower after working out to help wind you down.

I love to lift weights to help increase strength and also have better sleep.

5. Mitigate Stress

Is too much stress keeping you awake? Is it just a season of stress or is a specific circumstance you need to change? Have discernment about if the stress is short term or long term.

If it is long term, seek counsel from someone you trust to review solutions to your stress. Do your best to mitigate stress in the interim.

One tip to help mitigate stress is meal planning. Get my free weekly keto meal planner email.

Faster Way To Fat Loss By Sleeping

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