Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? Here is an awesome keto recipe that is as simple as it is delicious. My secret for keeping it low carb and keto friendly is to use Primal Mayonnaise. This recipe is great for any occasion!

Keto deviled eggs

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This recipe is so easy to make and so decadent. You are going to love it! When making this recipe you can use your mayonnaise of choice, but as always, read labels and make sure the one you choose doesn’t have soy bean oil or sugar because those are not keto friendly. A great brand to use to ensure you ate keeping it keto is Primal Mayonnaise. They taste great and use avocado oil with no sugar added.

Keto deviled eggs

Keto Low Carb Deviled Egg Ingredients

-8 eggs

-2 teaspoons vinegar

-Approximately 3 teaspoons of mustard

-3 tablespoons of Primal Mayonnaise (or keto mayonnaise of choice)

-Pink Himilayan salt, season to taste

Keto deviled eggs

Keto Low Carb Deviled Eggs Directions:

-Put your eggs into a pot of water, bring to a rolling boil, place lid on pot and set temperature to low.

-Cook for approximately 13 minutes.

-Remove from heat and immediately place eggs into ice bath. Let sit for 15 minutes.

-Peel, rinse and dry eggs

-Cut your eggs in half.

-Seperate your yolks from the whites and place them in a bowl.

-Add Primal Mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar and Pink Himalayan salt to the yolks and mix.

Tip: You can put the yolks and other ingredients directly in a zip lock bag, mash them together and then cut the tip off of one corner to pipe the mixture. This makes for easy, hassle free clean up.

-Place the egg whites onto a plate or serving dish

-Scoop or pipe the yolks mixture into your egg white

-Serve and enjoy!

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  1. Hello my name is Minnie I am a beginner on the keto diet and I really enjoy the inspiration that you give when I follow you on your journey could you please send me your weekly food plan and meal prep list and grocery list if possible thank you so much have a blessed day

  2. Hello ! My name is Teasha H.Fields I am extremely interested in having your help with the keto lifestyle. With that being said i need every tool you are offering (grocery list ,meal prep list & weekly food plans .Thanks so much in Advance ….

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