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Weight Lifting For Women – My Workout Training Plan

A year ago, I would not believe I would be back in the gym lifting weights, 50 pounds lighter.  I LOVE the idea of moving my body after years of HATING the idea of a workout.

My suggestion is to find something you LOVE for your workout.

Have you heard that adage of fulfillment is finding a workout you enjoy, a job/work you enjoy and a hobby you enjoy? Well, after 3 decades on this planet, I *FINALLY* found a workout I enjoy. Always consult your doctor before any workout.

What do I do for my weight training for women? 

1. I have a cute outfit….just kidding….but I do have my pink lifting gloves that I love and feel powerful in. I feel like I’m ‘suiting up’ like Black Widow in Avengers or Wonder Woman.  I feel strong having my lifting gloves on.  It’s a mental trick that I have found strength in suiting up with my pink gloves, pink head phones and matching pink cell phone case. This mental trick works for me.

2.  I have a weight lifting program I LOVE and is easy. This is not a sponsored link and I have no affiliation to this lifting program.  I truly love it and have used it for months with great success.  Of course consult your doctor prior to any weight training program and know your level of activity.

3. Prior to lifting, I do 5-15 minutes on the elliptical and then 5-15 minutes on the elliptical after to lifting for cardio.

4. I do my lifting workout 2-4 days per week.

5. Every day my goal is 30 minutes of sweating. This body movement includes chasing my 2 year old. I don’t care how I get my 30 minutes of sweat in, but I insist on moving for my weight loss.

6. FIND A WORKOUT YOU LOVE. It’s worth repeating. If it’s drudgery, you will not do it. Find something you get excited to do to keep it sustainable. I get excited lifting weights and takes me back to college days. Swimming is also another workout LOVE.  Find something that lights you up.

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