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Intermittent Fasting Mistakes

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Top Intermittent Fasting Mistakes:

  1.  Afraid to fast –
    1. Have an accountability buddy. Talk with a trusted friend about fears.
  2. Break your fast –
    1. Dr Fung has since changed how to break fast from Complete Guide to Fasting.
    2. Break your fast 30 minutes prior to eating a meal with with 1 cup raw veggies or small portion of meat.
    3. You will want smaller portion of food prior to eating a meal to help your digestion.
  3. Family Dinners –
    1. Reverse engineer your schedule to plan around fasts.
    2. Unless I’m having a 24 hour fast, I try to eat dinner with my family. I do this with proper planning.
  4. Social Situations & Settings –
    1. If you are meeting someone, let them know in advance that you are fasting so they are not surprised.
    2. Some people feel uncomfortable being the only one eating if you meet for lunch or dinner. Give them a courtesy heads up.
  5. Use Sole Water & Pink Salt –
    1. 84 minerals in pink salt. Potassium and magnesium helpful for fasting and keto.

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