Countess Of Low Carb Disclosure Policy

The purpose of Countess of Low Carb is to be a source of encouragement on the pathway to health with a low carb and keto diet. 
There are a number of expenses associated with running the Countess of Low Carb Youtube and blog.  Sometimes when you click on a referred link, we’re earning a small fee from the manufacturer or company. We accept paid advertising on the Countess Youtube and blog.  We use affiliate links in posts when they are available.

In addition, Countess Of Low Carb accepts opportunities to write posts, have giveaways, communicate special offers or write a series of posts where we work directly with a company and they are underwriting the costs involved with our time and effort to share.  Please rest assured Countess Of Low Carb is only accepting opportunities when it is a post, deal, special offer, or series that will give value and be helpful to readers and followers.

Integrity is important.  We have and will continue to decline opportunities that are not in line with our core values.The Countess of Low Carb seeks to have readers’ and followers’ best interests at heart.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely ours. 

If you have questions or concerns, please send us an email. We can’t please everyone, but welcome opportunities to continue to improve with constructive criticism.

This policy was last updated April 21, 2018

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  1. Hello Countess! I am beginning my Keto journey 5-1-19 with the goal of losing 25 lbs. While conducting my research, I came across your channel (had to ask my 15 y/o how to find description box :0) I am looking for recipes, please add me to your list. I have liked and subscribed.

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